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With the growing number of plant lovers the number of home gardens are on a steady rise

Gardening is the new age hobby. This trending activity has captured the hearts of millions across the world. Most of love beautifying our houses these days. One thing that adds a never ending beauty to a home is a garden. Are you a plant lover too? Do you have a home garden? Then, this article is going to give 5 powerful tips that can help you establish and maintain a healthy home garden.

⦁ Choose your plants before buying
Though you might not be a plant expert, it is not rocket science which is needed to examine a plant. Choosing the right plant for your garden is really critical as plants which have been chosen unknowingly with hidden banes have really caused a head ache to avid plant lovers. Go through a lot of magazines or newspaper articles that can shower you with a lot of useful information. Make sure you check the roots of a plant before buying. Buyers usually check just the tops of the plant. The root quality needs to be analyzed as rotten roots are the warehouse of disease spreaders. Choose healthy plants!

Shove away insects and bugs
The damage that harmful bugs and insects cause can be much more than spoiling the aesthetics and cosmetic look of your garden. You always have to keep a constant watch out on them. The microbes and germs like bacteria and virus enter a plant when there is some sort of an opening or a hole. This insect damage acts as the perfect opportunity for them. So, it is important that you do not allow your plants to get affected by bugs and it is definitely one of the easiest ways to maintain your home garden. Spend a few minutes every day to observe your plants closely. Take action even for the smallest doubts of insect infestation.

⦁ Maintain a clean environment
Keeping your home garden clean and tidy, will help in improving the longevity of the garden plants. An unclean garden eventually attracts insects and bugs. These in turn have a detrimental effect on the garden. Make it a habit to keep the garden clean and dirt free throughout.

⦁ Water your plants regularly
Every living creature requires water for its sustenance. Just like us, plants too need adequate water. Though plants have the ability to absorb water from the environment, too little water affect them very badly. Adequately water the garden plants to keep them healthy and sustained. You can also imbibe a variety of watering methods like drip irrigation or sprinklers that can improve the plant quality at the same time does not attract insects.

⦁ Never Overcrowd plants
Avoid planting in a crowded manner. Do not randomly plant them without any order. Before planting make a mental structure of which plants has to go where. When plants are randomly thrown without a concrete order, it exhibits detrimental effects on them. Overcrowding creates the need to compete for essential elements such as water and light. Arranging them properly can helps them acquire the required minerals and essential nutrients in addition to the sunlight and water. The immunity of the plants are boosted thus significantly increasing the quality of the plant.

Plants are an important and integral part of our lives. When you buy them, the responsibility to nurture them comes clubbed with it. Many gardens have perished because of bad maintenance and commitment. Channelize your love and passion towards maintaining them in your home garden. A well maintained home garden can give you a lot of joy and fulfillment in life!

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