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Earthworm – a terrestrial invertebrate is one of the most important soil animals. They play an important role in the life of the farmers and organic farming as they provide a multitude of services for a healthy soil system and consequently plant health.

In an organic field, earthworm multiplication is natural and the nutrition cycle is in full swing. The earthworm has a great role to play in maintaining the soil fertility by cycling nutrients, micro-flora and fauna population in the soil.

To highlight a few of the benefits of earthworms in an agricultural land,

  • They improve the essential nutrient availability for the crops
  • They enhance the soil drainage system
  • They reduce soil erosion
  • They increase the plant health by improving the soil efficiency
  • The vermicomposting done by earthworms suppresses the soil-borne diseases that may affect the growth and nutrition in crops

The Vermicompost and Vermiwash produced from organic materials or waste with the help of earthworms plays an important role in organic agricultural systems. They help in sustainable and eco-friendly farming which in turn aids the farmers in reducing or completely avoiding the usage chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the field as the vermicompost is richer in essential plant nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen than traditional compost.

Overall, earthworms support the farmers economically. With their help the farmers can significantly reduce the cost of crop production thus saving a lot on the purchase of fertilizers, foliar sprays, urea and anti-fungicides. Also, the cost for preventing the soil from erosion is secured with the help of earthworms.

On that account, these vital little creatures are rightly called ‘A Farmer’s friend’ due to their invaluable services in farming thus producing healthy crops and exhibiting a healthy system on the whole.

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