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Planting trees is the top priority on the national scale throughout this decade as tackling climate change and protecting the biodiversity is the call of the hour.

We all know that forests are essentials for life on Earth as they provide food and shelter to countless species; but they are disappearing on a large scale due to various factors like deforestation, forest fires etc.

Ambitious environmentalists like Prasiddhi Singh are aiming for tree-planting projects to replace the lost forests.

However, tree planting is a highly complex task because planting wrong trees in the wrong place could do more harm than good. Therefore, having a proper knowledge and understanding on large scale tree planting is vital.

10 Golden Rules for Large Scale Tree Planting

  1. Protect the existing forests
  2. Place local people at the heart of planting trees
  3. Encourage reforestation for serving multiple goals
  4. Select favourable land for reforestation
  5. Let the trees grow back naturally
  6. Select the right tree species for the right land area
  7. Use tree seeds that are suitable for local climate
  8. Work with the local people and plan ahead on how to source seeds or trees
  9. Always learn from practise
  10.  Make sure that re-planting trees also provides source of income for all the stakeholders including the locals who provide their support

Together we can rebuild the lost natural treasures (Forests) and save our Earth and everyone in it.

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