At Prasiddhi Forest Foundation, we are not letting any stone unturned to make this planet greener, nurture biodiversity, reverse climate change, and so much more. However, all of this, in very simple yet impactful steps. Initiatives like planting trees, spreading awareness about the planet, importance of trees, bees, butterflies, etc. In all of this, the binding factor is trees, and they can do wonders for the planet and its inhabitants immensely. So, why not start there? We have made this a lot easier for you if you don't know where to begin, how to begin, are short on time & resource or any other reason!

Choose your reason to Plant-A-Tree:

1. Create green greetings

Birthday, Anniversary, Funeral, Festival, Express gratitude, For the newborn, Graduation

2. Plant for Planet & its creatures

Create a mini forest by planting 15 or more trees → Rejuvenate biodiversity & spread liveliness

3. Plant to spread smiles

Do it because you care for the planet

Choose your plantation site:

  • Plant at home
  • Plant at our fruit forest plantation site
  • Plant by the zones (tabs: North, South, East, West, Central)
  • Geotagged plantation