“I am on a journey for a better tomorrow, for all of us.” - Prasiddhi Singh, Founder

Where are the birds and turtles? Why such less trees? Why is it so hot and water so unclean? What is sustainability? Why don’t those children go to school?

When only 2, Prasiddhi started raising such questions to her parents. The only way to answer was not just by telling the problem, but teaching a solution too! Prasiddhi Forests was thus born in 2018!

We, at Prasiddhi Forests, wanted to make a larger impact since our birth and the only way to reach many was to touch upon a common cause, the cause of our planet!

We have since touched hundreds of lives via various channels: physical and virtual, spreading the word about how our planet needs us and how our fellow human beings need us; how animals need us and how we have to step forward to make a difference and be the change maker!

We envision to increase the green cover on our planet, nurture biodiversity, push people to say no to plastic and make recycling a way of life.

Prasiddhi Forests

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Prasiddhi has many feathers to her hat at this very young age:

  • Youngest faculty member at RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)
  • Ridley Turtle Ambassador for the marathon
  • Green Ambassador for Mahindra World School, Chennai
  • Young Achiever Award from Lions Club International
  • Eco Warrior Award from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • Certificates of recognition from Times of India, Hero Motocorp, Ministry of Tamil Nadu Fishery
  • India Book of World Record holder for soap carving in the 2020 group of students (event driven towards saving the turtles)