Prasiddhi Forests

What is G3 Eco Kit?

Your love for nature has filled our hearts with joy. We are proud to welcome you in our army of eco-warriors.

We are providing this G3 Eco Kit, exclusively curated for a planet lover like you. With this kit you can nurture planet Earth and take good care of birds, animals, plants, insects and fellow human beings.

A reduced carbon footprint, contributing to the food cycle, adding more & more oxygen to our planet, helping hold the soil & recharge groundwater, and consequently support the biodiversity tremendously. And of course, the happiness and blessings these green initiatives bring along are immeasurable.

Prasiddhi Forests

Benefits G3 Eco Kit?

  • Generate your own oxygen (G1): Grab the seed balls ‘The seed of hope’, place them in the soil, water them and watch them grow to contribute more oxygen for our planet.
  • Grow your own food (G2): Once you plant seedlings & nurture them, they will give you sumptuous food ‘The feeling of fulfilment'. What a joy to eat the food that you have grown yourself.
  • Give back to the community (G3): Use ‘The bowl of care’ to show your token of care towards the species of this planet. Put on your creative hat, decorate it and keep it outside for birds and animals to drink water or eat food from. Isn’t that a lovely way of giving back to the community?
  • Lastly, do you see that small envelope? That’s right, that beautiful green colored one. All the vegetables & fruits that you consume, just clean & dry out the seeds, and parcel it back to us. We will ensure that beautiful trees grow out of what you consumed. We will take care of the courier charges.

Want to buy with us?

We are excited to associate with you for making an even greater impact. Let’s together take the pledge to do our bit in making this planet greener, safer and healthier.

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